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Hey guys and welcome to Flixwatcher Podcast.

The concept of Flixwatcher is really straightforward – we talk about films that are available on Netflix in the U.K. This is really cool for because it means that it’s very easy for you to find the films we’re talking about and also means that you can watch the films that we review whenever and wherever you want then join in the banter.

Each episode features Hosts Helen and Kobi and two guests, usually from other podcasts, who choose the films that we discuss on each episode before rating it using our unique scoring system.


Helen from Flixwatcher Podcast

Howdy! I’m Helen, co host and quiz team pal of Kobi. When I’m not watching Netflix I also enjoy yoga, cycling, Antic pubs, music (especially Springsteen) and cats.

When I get to choose my favourite films are usually quirky and indie, including Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach & Sofia Coppola. All Mark Ruffalo and Greta Gerwig. I am in the belief that Terminator 2 is better than the original and Aliens: The Directors Cut is the definitive version.

My guilty pleasures are the Final Destination series, 13 Going on 30 and Reign of Fire. I dislike Adam Sandler and westerns. I have never read/watched Harry Potter.

You can find me on Twitter as @TheCatFilmFan


Kobi - Flixwatcher Podcast

Hey! I’m Kobi, co-host and producer of Flixwatcher.  I wanted to do a film based podcast and spoke to Helen about it shortly after joining the film quiz team with her and the rest of The Shabbos Rollers.

It’s taken nearly two years to get this off the ground so I’m really excited for you guys to hear it. I love films and will typically see a couple of films a week in the cinema and more at home.

I have a bias towards “Indie Flix”, documentaries and foreign language films. I have a particular fondness for the likes of Richard Linklater and like Helen am a huge fan of Wes Anderson, just not as much as she is!

There is a huge soft spot for a great blockbuster so in particular will have time for anything Disney related be it Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars or err… Disney!

I’m @Kobestarr on Twitter if you want to hunt me down…

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