2 songs 2 beers Podcast

Podcast Description

The 2 songs 2 beers podcast was an idea conceived after two friends Colin Burstow (drummer) and Mike Hellyer (Bass) had a jam together for Mike’s Dad’s birthday. It’s all in episode 1, you could have the luxury of Colin and I read this all to you? still keen to read? suit yourself. They wanted to start a new band, one with people they’d never met before. After discussing auditions, it occurred to them (after a few beers) that it might make for an interesting podcast, or at the very least, an amusingly awkward podcast. The premise came after they both agreed that a band isn’t just about making music, it’s about friendship, and beer. So the 2 song 2 beer system was born, they would play two songs to see if the hopefuls could actually operate a musical instrument and then drink two beers with these potential new members to see if we liked them as people. The first person to pass this audition was Conor Stanley; Singer, Guitarist, podcast raconteur and craft beer lover. He ticked all the boxes, including now friendship. Auh.

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