Paul and Ben from Have You Scene This? Podcast join Flixwatcher remotely to review Paul’s choice Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – The Directors Cut is the 1977 Steven Spielberg sci fi classic starring Richard Dreyfus as Roy Neary, the everyman who after a close encounter with an alien spaceship becomes obsessed with the Devils Tower, has a breakdown that cause his wife to to leave him and sets out on a quest to join the aliens.

For a film about aliens, actual aliens are mainly absent for the majority of the film and the main focus is on Neary and the French scientist Claude Lacombe,played by French New Wave auteur François Truffaut, as he chases mysterious encounters across the world.

Close Encounters features many key Spielberg themes, Light as mystery, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, John Williams theme, fractured family, absent fathers and some classic child peril. Despite its record breaking box office returns on its release and critical acclaim it hasn’t ingrained itself in cinematic history in the same way say Jaws, E.T or Jurassic Park have.


This is reflected on the Flixwatcher scores, even with some top marks from Paul and a decent recommendability, Close Encounters of the Third Kind only scores 3.23 overall

What do you guys think? Have you seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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More about Close Encounters of the Third Kind

For more info on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, you can visit  Close Encounters of the Third Kind IMDb page here or Close Encounters of the Third Kind Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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