In Episode #0017 the delightful Tom and Todd from The Bitter End return, this time for the review of Over the Top.

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Okay, this film is the 1987 film from Sly Stallone about arm wrestling. Yes it is. And trucks. Thats about it though. Why did Tom pick this? Even Tom doesn’t know why.

There is some nostalgia aspect to this and there will be SOMEONE out there who needs to see this. But they will be in the minority. Are you the someone?



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If you watched this – AND enjoyed it PLEASE let us know your thoughts. Its not Rocky, its not even Copland or Stop Or My Mum Will Shoot.

Not even the soundtrack Giorgio Moroder will save this absolute turkey. I’ve lost the will to live already…..

Quote Kobi “the film is rubbish”.



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The score from the film was made by Giorgio Moroder! But we are going to include the tune “Bad Nite” by Sylvester’s brother Frank Stallone


More about From Beyond

For more info on the From Beyond, you can visit the Over The Top IMDB page here or the Over the Top Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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