It’s Episode 57! Liam from Spocklight and Eleanor from Bygones join Kobi and Helen to review The Magdalene Sisters, Eleanor’s choice.

The Magdalene Sisters is a 2002 film from Peter Mullan that follows the experiences of three young girls sent to the Magdalene ‘laundry’ in 1960s Ireland for their sexual promiscuity.

A period in Irish history the Catholic Church would probably not want to celebrate, the laundries became slave houses and the women there suffered horrendous crimes against them. Based on true stories you can probably get the idea that this won’t be a fun film – but it is an incredibly important film and the stories deserve a voice. Knowing this you’ll go in much better prepared than Kobi!


Scoring strongly on recommendability and unsurprisingly low on repeat viewing The Magdalene Sisters scores a 4 overall. A powerful piece of historical cinema that deserves a bigger audience.

What do you guys think? Have you seen The Magdalene Sisters? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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More about The Magdalene Sisters

For more info on The Magdalene Sisters, you can visit the The Magdalene Sisters IMDB page here or the The Magdalene Sisters Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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