It’s Episode 121 Anna Smith (Girls on Film, Metro, Time Out) and Scarlett (Sunday Times Style and Secrets of the Side Hustle) join Flixwatcher to review Anna’s choice The Breaker Upperers. The Breaker Upperers is a 2018 New Zealand comedy from Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami who wrote, direct and star the film. It also features the boy from Boy (Jordan Rolleston) and a cameo from Jermaine Clement. The Breaker Upperers is an agency run by Mel and Jen who provide an easy way out for people who can’t end their own relationships, in an increasingly bizarre situation including faking disappearances and fake pregnancy. The film benefits mainly from its two main characters willingness to go all the way, it’s closest comparisons would be Bridesmaids or the Wedding Crashers even, but without the need to go the gross-out gags. While on the outside it might be about people too lazy to break up their failed relationships it’s actually more about friendship and learning to grow with each other.  


There are really, really funny moments (dream sequence Celine Dion karaoke) and then some uneven less funny moments (striptease for a lesbian police officer that runs a bit too long) and it sometimes feels a bit like a sketch show rather than a feature film. That said if you’re a fan of this slightly quirky Kiwi humor you’ll find a lot to enjoy. Best enjoyed with a group of friends, The Breaker Upperers scores a very respectable 4.13 overall. What do you guys think? Have you seen The Breaker Upperers? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!  

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  Thanks to the Episode #121 Crew of  Anna Smith @annasmithjourno from Girls on Film,  Metro and Time Out and Scarlett @ScarRoseRussell  from Sunday Times Style and Secrets of the Side Hustle Find their websites online at: and Please make sure you give them some love    

More about The Breaker Upperers

  For more info on The Breaker Upperers, you can visit  The Breaker Upperers IMDb page here or  The Breaker Upperers Rotten Tomatoes page here.  

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