Illustrators David Litchfield and Sam Gilby return to Flixwatcher to review David’s choice, Back to the Future Part 2.



Back to the Future Part 2 reunited Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc, however Crispin Glover did not return and Elizabeth Shue joined as Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer. Both Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale returned to direct and write respectively. It was filmed back to back with Part 3 and was the third highest grossing film of 1989.

BTTF 2 picks up exactly where BTTF ended. They go back to the future (2015) to save their future children but Marty picks up an almanac and inadvertently changes the future. They return to 1985, which is now changed – and it’s not good – and they have to fix things by going back to 1955 (again).

It’s fair to say BTTF 2 is not the five-star classic BTTF is. The plot feels a bit tired, the product placement tie-ins are jarring (Michael Jackson), the vision of 2015 doesn’t really work and Fox playing his own future daughter is just weird!

Watching BTTF 2 with 2020 eyes it’s hard to ignore some of the film’s misogyny – Jennifer being knocked out early on to avoid her hindering the rescue mission – and nothing can hide some of the terrible makeup effects (Lorraine’s fake boobs) and the absence of Glover.


Not as fun or warmed hearted as BTTF this sequel will still hold a special place for die-hard fans but maybe not earn many new first time watch fans. Back to the Future Part 2 scores 3.61 overall.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Back to the Future Part 2? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!


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