Mike Muncer (The Evolution of Horror) and Anna Bogutskaya (The Final Girls and The Next Supremes) return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Mike’s choice The Invitation.


The Invitation is a 2015 horror film directed by Karyn Kusama starring Logan (discount Tom Hardy) Marshall-Green as Will and Tammy Blanchard as Eden playing ex-husband and wife. The less you know about The Invitation if you haven’t seen it before the better.

This sinister slow burn revolves around a dinner party hosted by Eden in a swanky Hollywood Hills home with unusual home security features. The guests include Will, his new girlfriend, freaky hippy Sadie, old friends, and guests who may or may not be members of a strange cult.

Will’s evening starts badly when his car hits a coyote and everything goes downhill from there. Through flashbacks, the viewer pieces together that Will and Eden had a son who died and Eden attempted suicide. Grief and sadness battle with creepiness throughout the film creating an uneasy tension. Full of Manson vibes, home invasion fears, and genuine shocks The Invitation is a fascinating horror with a crushingly devastating ending that hints at something much darker than you’ll imagine.



The Invitation scores very highly across all Flixwatcher scores especially recommendability to score a very impressive 4.64 overall.

What do you guys think? Have you seen The Invitation? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!


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More about The Invitation

For more info on The Invitation, you can visit The Invitation IMDb page here or The Invitation Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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