Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown, Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review) and Robbie Collin (The Independent and also Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review) and return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Ben’s choice Booksmart.

Booksmart is the 2019 coming-of-age teen buddy comedy and directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde. It stars Beanie Feldstein as Molly and Kaitlyn Dever as Amy, two best friends and high school seniors, both high achievers they realise the night before graduation they should have partied more. Determined to spend their last night of school partying and being wild.

It would be derivate to say Booksmart is the female Superbad, Molly and Amy’s friendship feels much deeper and there is less emphasis on the gross-out comedy. Its strengths lie in its editing – fast and hard – and the chemistry between its two leads and it’s always great to see Lisa Kudrow in anything. That said, Booksmart often feels like several movies at once – partly due to it having four writers – and the amount of characters mean that the majority of the supporting cast feels underdeveloped and many of the subplots could have been cut.



Booksmart isn’t for everyone but it has plenty of appeal to a teen audience and anyone who was born after 1995. Scoring generously across all the categories gives Booksmart an overall score of 3.98.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Booksmart? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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For more info on Booksmart, you can visit Booksmart IMDb page here or  Booksmart Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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