In Episode 31 we are joined by Jenny and Eleanor from Story Etc to review the awesome Sing Street!

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Set in Dublin in the 1980s it follows the musical adventures of the band Sing Street – taking influences from Duran Duran and The Cure – it’s part musical part coming of age film.

Driven by love at first sight the front man Connor convinces Raphina to star in his bands video for The Riddle of the Model, from there the band and friendships grow.

Sing Street is a super sweet film that’s funny and magical and has its heart wholly in the right place. It celebrates friendships and first love and soundtracks with catchy and quirky tunes.

Don’t put off by the musicals tag, it’s a film with songs in – it’s not La La Land or Les Mis – we promise you’ll be warmly rewarded with this gem of a film.


Sing Street scored very high across recommendability and generally well for repeat viewing, small screen and engagement (especially from Helen!) – overall a very high 4.2. A lot of love on Twitter too. Not seen it yet? What ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!?????

Episode #031 Crew Links

Thanks to the Episode #031 Crew of Jenny Redmond @jennyredredmond and Eleanor Rushton @wellybeana from Story Etc @storyetcpod. Find their website online here

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Flixwatcher Spotify Playlist

This week we have added “Drive it Like You Stole It” and “The Riddle of The Model”

More about Sing Street

For more info on Sing Street, you can visit the Sing Street IMDB page here or the Sing Street Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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