Welcome to episode 41! Eleanor and Jenny from Story Etc return for The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Eleanor’s choice.

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A 2015 coming-of-age comedy-drama set in the late 70s San Francisco starring Kirsten Wiig and Bel Powley in a breakout role. It follows Minnie’s sexual awakening and creative growth as an artist. Surprisingly explicit it tackles inappropriate relationships in a refreshing, non-judgemental and unapologetic way and features great performances by all the leads.

Don’t be fooled by its cover, there is humour but it’s not a quirky indie comedy, in a reversal of the manic pixie dream girl Minnie isn’t defined by saving a lost middle-aged man and she is in control of the sexual situations.


There was a lot of love for this from the guests and hosts and The Diary of a Teenage Girl scores 4.2, not quite on the Rolodex of watches but recommended!

What do you guys think? Have you seen The Diary of a Teenage Girl? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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More about The Diary of a Teenage Girl

For more info on The Diary of a Teenage Girl, you can visit the The Diary of a Teenage Girl IMDB page here or the The Diary of a Teenage Girl Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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As well as this weeks episode we think you should know some of the best new films on Netflix UK this week. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news.

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Added: 16th January 2018

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While a drone circles over Kenya, politicians and military brass in London clash over a strike that could kill a terrorist — and an innocent girl.

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When a furious Atlantic storm rips apart two oil tankers, a Coast Guard team performs a daring and heroic rescue to save the lives of the crew.

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The Last Witch Hunter

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Leaving: 23rd January 2018


When her partner is killed and a list of active agents is stolen, a dowdy CIA analyst is thrust into active duty despite her lack of field experience.

Leaving: 23rd January 2018

Ted 2

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