Matt Brothers from (Spocklight: A Star Trek Podcast and Is Paul Dano Ok?) and Daryl Bär (Sudden Double Deep podcast, Is Paul Dano Ok?) return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Matt’s choice Stardust.

Stardust is a 2007 fantasy action romance directed by Matthew Vaughn and co-written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. It also boasts an ensemble cast featuring Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, Jason Flemyng, Rupert Everett, Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer, Henry Cavill, Mark Strong and Robert De Niro, with narration by Ian McKellen.

A star (Danes) falls from the sky and becomes the quest for Tristan (Cox) to bring back for his beloved Victoria (Miller) so he can marry her and three ancient witches – led by Lamia (Pfeiffer) who need to eat the heart of the star to regain their powers and youth.


Stardust scored highly from Matt, Daryl and Kobi for recommendability but less highly from Helen. A lower engagement score from everyone gives Stardust an overall score of 3.58.

What do you guys think? Have you seen Stardust? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below!

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For more info on Stardust, you can visit Stardust IMDb page here or Stardust Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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