Ben Challoner (Third Window Films Podcast) and Joe (The Wire Stripped, Shitegeist podcast) join Flixwatcher remotely for the last episode of 2021 to review Ben’s choice Tokyo Godfathers.

Tokyo Godfathers is a 2003 Japanese animation tragicomedy written and directed by Satoshi Kon. Three homeless people Gin – a middle-aged alcoholic, Hana – a transgender woman and Miyuki – teenage runaway discover an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve and end up on a wild adventure when they try to reunite baby and mother.

Son himself calls Tokyo Godfathers “a twisted sentimental story” despite the Christmas setting and Three Wise Men elements that is where the warming festive spirit ends as the story progresses there is murder, beatings, suicide and the reality of being homeless. This might sound depressing but there is also humour and hope.


Recommendations for Tokyo Godfathers were very high – even from Helen! Slightly lower repeat viewing but higher engagement – unless you find subtitled animation sleepy – gives an overall rating of 4.20.

Merry Christmas from Kobi and Helen, see you in 2022!

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More about Tokyo Godfathers

For more info on Tokyo Godfathers, you can visit  Tokyo Godfathers IMDb page here or Tokyo Godfathers Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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