Babs and Fran from Over/underrated: a music podcast join Flixwatcher remotely to review Babs’ choice Beats.

 Beats is a 2019 American coming of age hip hop drama (not to be confused with the other 2019 called film Beats) that tells the fictional story of a musical prodigy in Chicago experiencing PSTD from a violent incident, who ends up being mentored by a disgraced music producer.

Starring Khalil Everage as August Monroe, the teenage beats enthusiast, Anthony Anderson as Romelo Reese, the ex music producer now school security guard and supporting cast Uzo Aduba as Carla Monroe, Augusts mother and Paul Walter Hauser as Terren, the owner of the record label trying to sign August.

Fran’s expectations were for Boyz in the Hood meets Dr Dre but unfortunately Beats doesn’t reach those heights of greatness, Lacking in big musical moments and despite some nice editing work its hard to get emotionally invested in watching some button pressing and 808 beat creations.

Recommendability scores for Beats were average and its two hour runtime works against it for repeat viewing and engagement to give it an overall rating of 2.59.


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For more info on Beats IMDb, you can visit Beats IMDb page here or Beats Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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