Lissi Simpson (development assistant, scriptwriter and director) and Karen Gabay (TV producer, award-winning film-maker, exhibition curator and radio presenter) join Flixwatcher remotely to review Lissi’s choice Baby Driver.

Baby Driver is a 2017 Edgar Wright action drama starring Ansel Elgort as Baby, a getaway driver with tinnitus, Lily James as his love interest Deborah, Jon Hamm and Eiza González as love bird bank robbers Buddy and Darling and Kevin Spacey as Doc, the kingpin of the organised crime syndicate. Jon Bernthal and Jamie Foxx also appear as colourful criminals. Baby is forced to use his driver skills to be the getaway driver to pay back a car he stole from Doc, despite clearing his debt he is forced to do one last job – that obviously goes wrong!

Baby Driver was a longtime passion project for Wright and it clearly shows in the visuals and audio. Sadly, given the association now with disgraced Spacey and Elgort is it less the exciting and exhilarating watch that it was back in 2017 and this is reflected in the recommendability scores. Low scores for small screen due to the soundtrack as much as the action gives a solid overall rating of 4.12.


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