Amelie Thomas and Matthew Turner from Fatal Attractions podcast join Flixwatcher remotely to review Amelie’s choice Into the Wild.

Into the Wild is a 2007 drama about the life and adventures of Chris McCandless (“Alexander Supertramp”) directed by Sean Penn. Based on the non-fiction book of the same name written by Jon Krakauer which was based on McCandless’ journal, the film stars Emile Hirsch as McCandless, Marcia Gay Harden as his mother, William Hurt as his father, Jena Malone, Catherine Keener, Brian Dierker, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart, and Hal Holbrook.

The film begins in April 1992 as McCandless arrives in Alaska and finds “The Magic Bus”. He is content and is very much living into the wild. The story of how he got to Alaska is told in flash back chapters and begins in May 1990 as he graduates. Disillusioned with modern life and angry that the story of how his parents met and feel in love was a lie makes the conscious decision to drop out of society. He donates his savings to Oxfam, cuts up his ID and hits the road.

Scores for Into the Wild were strong for recommendability from Amelie, Matthew and Helen but lower from Kobi. Lower scores from everyone for engagement gives an overall rating of 3.40.


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