Daisy and Clare from W – Rated podcast return to Flixwatcher remotely to review Daisy’s choice Memento.

Memento is the 2000 mind bending neo-noir thriller breakthrough film from visionary director Christopher Nolan. It stars Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, a man who is unable to store recent memories, he covers himself in tattoos to “remember” facts. He is trying to track down the man who raped and killed his wife with the help of undercover cop Teddy Gammell (Joe Pantoliano). He also becomes involved with Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss) who may or may not be helping him to track down the killer.

Memento combines a non-linear narrative structure with an unreliable narrator to create a mind bending 113 minutes of film. As the film unravels backwards the viewer is left wondering who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and what is fact and what is fiction.

Everyone apart from Clare, who is a self proclaimed non-Nolan fan, loved Memento on release and it is still as mind blowing as it was when it confused the hell out of us in 2000. Due to its structure it a perfect film for repeat viewing, Memento also scores very highly for engagement to give an overall rating of 3.76.


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For more info on Memento, you can visit Memento IMDb page here or Memento Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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