Anni Hood (Well Intel Daily podcast) and Kate Cocker (Everyday Positivity podcast) join Flixwatcher to review Anna’s choice The Gentlemen.

The Gentlemen (2019) is the 11th feature film from British director Guy (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) who returns to his love of East End gangsters and swearing after the remake that nobody wanted Aladdin. The ‘Gentlemen’ in question are sweary Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a national rag reporter looking to sell his screenplay to Raymond Smith (Charlie Hunnam). Raymond is right-hand man to Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) who is looking to retire from his £400million marijuana empire, with interested buyers that include American billionaire Matthew Berger (Jeremy Strong) and Chinese gangster Lord George (Tom Wu) and his unpredictable underboss Dry Eye (Henry Golding). In support are Mickey’s glamourous girl boss wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery) and local boxing Coach (Colin Farrell).

The Gentlemen for the most part is typical Guy Richie fare – fast talking, rhyming slang and comical violent. It is also unfortunately racist and some of the excessive swearing begins to wear a little thin (the c-word is used 25 times).

Recommendability for The Gentlemen was a little mixed, but Anni’s fives across the board help give it an overall rating of 4.



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