Sarah Collier and Meg Waters (Glamour, Stylist and Little White Lies) return to Flixwatcher to review Sarah’s choice Human Traffic.

Human Traffic (1999) is a British-Irish coming of age comedy drama set in Cardiff. It revolves around the lives and specifically one big night out for a group of five twenty-somethings. It launched the careers of John Simm and Danny Dyer and was written and directed by Justin Kerrigan. It also featured cameos from DJ Carl Cox, Howard Marks and Andrew (Egg) Lincoln.


Jip, Lulu, Koop, Moff and Nina are in need of an escape from the monotony and misery of their jobs and the weekend is here. They are all dealing with their individual insecurities and personal issues but are united by their love of 90s rave music and drugs – including MDMA and weed. As we follow them from the club to the after party to the morning after we experience the hedonistic fun of the 1990s counter-culture.


Human Traffic is a unique and funny snapshot into 1990s club culture. Recommendability reflected that a lot of the enjoyment relies on 90s nostalgia and its 99 minute runtime helped with strong engagement scores which gives Human Traffic an overall rating of 3.81.



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