Neel Bhatt (Empire Podcast) and Lizzie Swindells return to Flixwatcher to review Neel’s choice Crazy Stupid Love.

Crazy Stupid Love (2011) is a romantic comedy drama written by Dan (This is Us) Fogelman and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. It stars Steve Carell as Cal Weaver. A middle-aged man who suddenly finds himself single after his wife Emily, played by Julianne Moore, says she has had an affair (with Kevin Bacon’s David Lindhagen) and wants a divorce. On one of his nights out he meets serial womaniser Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling in photoshopped perfection. Jacob teaches Cal how to dress and speak to women to up his romantic game. Law school graduate Hannah, (the effervescent Emma Stone) is having her own romantic troubles with her wet drip boyfriend.

Crazy Stupid Love succeeds where so many romantic comedies fall in being both romantic and genuinely funny, in this case actually laugh out loud. It also gave us the ‘laughing Ryan Gosling’ GIF.

Riffing on popular culture and referencing both Dirty Dancing and The Karate Kid and with a sweetness at its heart recommendability for Crazy Stupid Love was very high. Equally high was repeat viewing and small screen which gives an overall rating of 4.79. This means there is a new top film on the Flixwatcher leaderboard! Congratulations Crazy Stupid Love!



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