Emma Kathryn and Paul Costello from The Yearbook Committee Podcast join Flixwatcher to review Emma’s choice Spirited Away.

Spirited Away (2001) is an animated Japanese fantasy adventure from Studio Ghibli written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Spirited Away tells the story of 10-year-old Chihiro who enters an enormous bathhouse for Japanese spirits (kami) after taking a short cut on her way to her new house. Her parents also take the short cut but are turned into pigs when they feast on the food left out for the spirits.

While in the bathhouse Chihiro meets many different spirits, including a polluted river spirit and No-Face, who ends up eating one of the bathhouse workers. There are also lots of other weird and wonderful spirits too complicated to explain here, it is best to just watch and enjoy.

Recommendability for Spirited Away was very, very high, it was the also the first Studio Ghibli watch for many UK fans. High scores for the other Flixwatcher categories gives Spirited Away an overall rating of 4.39.


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More about Spirited Away

For more info on Spirited Away, you can visit Spirited Away IMDb page here or Spirited Away Rotten Tomatoes page here.


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