Andy Williams and Sean Wilson from Frame to Frame podcast return to Flixwatcher to review Andy’s choice Studio 666.

Studio 666 (2022) is based on a story by Dave Grohl and directed by BJ McDonnell. It is the first non-documentary film to feature the Foo Fighters. In this entirely fictional film, the Foo Fighters are suffering from a creative block. To get the new album made, studio execs send the Foos to a haunted mansion where Dave Grohl unleashes a demon and the rest of the band are dispatched in gruesome ways.

Studio 666 is an ill advised vanity project and could have been a 10 minute short and saved everyone from the embarrassment of being in a horror comedy that is neither particularly scary nor funny. To say it is for hardcore fans only comes with an advisory that it is quite slog.

Unsurprisingly, Studio 666 didn’t score very highly for recommendability – or any of the other Flixwatcher categories. It doesn’t even feature a new song from the Foo Fighters! Helped by some generous scoring by Andy, Studio 666 scores 3.10 overall.




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For more info on Studio 666 can visitStudio 666 IMDB page here orStudio 666 Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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