Laila Khan and Barney Boom from Sonic Boom Six join Flixwatcher to review Laila’s choice Society of the Snow.


Society of the Snow (2023) is based on the non-fiction book La Sociedad de la Nieve by Pablo Vierci and directed by J. A. (The Impossible) Bayona. It tells the incredible true story of the Uruguayan rugby team, who were travelling to Chile when their plane crashed in the Andes in 1972. The film was nominated for Best International Film at the 2024 Oscars.

On October 13, 1972, the Uruguayan rugby team and their family and friends board Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Their destination is Santiago, Chile, but due to pilot error the plane descends too early and the plane stuck a mountain ridge. The impact splits the plane into two – the front fuselage sliding down a glacier. Of the 45 passengers on board, 29 survive the initial crash. The survivors are faced with unbelievable conditions as they struggle to stay alive.

This is not the first time the incredible true story has been portrayed on film. The 1993 film Alive was criticised for its portrayal by American actors. Society of Snow reclaims its own history by casting Uruguayan and Argentine actors and filming at the actual location.

Recommendability scores for Society of the Snow were very high, the crash scene in particular is heart-rending, due to its traumatic story repeat viewing scores were lower to give an overall rating of 3.51.



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