John Dorney and Tom Salinsky from Best Pick podcast join Flixwatcher to review Tom’s choice Nyad.

Nyad (2023) is a biographical sports drama based on swimmer Diana Nyad’s life and her book Find a Way: The Inspiring Story of One Woman’s Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream. It stars Annette Bening as Diana and Jodie Foster as Bonnie Stoll, Diana’s best friend and trainer. Rhys Ifans also stars as John Bartlett, the navigator of her support ship.

The film follows Diana as she attempts to complete the 110-mile nonstop swim from Cuba to Florida that has eluded her since 1978. In 2011, at the age of 60 Diana makes the first of many attempts to complete the journey.

Nyad follows a standard sports biopic template, except there are big questions about the validity of her completed swim. Not only is the main swim potentially not 100% accurate, some of the major moments in the Nyad completely fictional. There was no shark!

Recommendability scores for Nyad were firmly floating around the threes, not a bad film but also not an especially exciting or remarkable one. Everyone was in agreement that it is also a good film to watch while doing a task, so not particularly high on engagement, which gives an overall score of 2.70.



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