Sean Wilson and Andy Williams from Frame to Frame podcast return to Flixwatcher to review Sean’s choice Talk to Me.

Talk to Me (2022) is an Australian supernatural horror film directorial debut from Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou. Who are also known as horror comedy YouTubers RackaRacka. In Talk to Me a group of teenagers who discover they are able to contact the dead using a mysterious embalmed hand.

Mia (Sophie Wilde) is struggling with her relationship with her father and consumed with grief following her mother’s suicide two years previously. Mia and her best friend Jade (Alexandra Jensen) and younger brother Riley sneak out to a house party where the main attraction is having a go on the hand that can summon the dead. By holding the hand and saying ‘Talk to Me’ for 90 seconds the spirits of the dead enter the human body, any longer than 90s seconds the spirits will possess the body with horrific consequences.

Talk to Me was the sleeper hit of 2022 and took over $90 million at the Box Office on a budget of just $4.5 million. It’s combination of subtle special effects, a snappy script and 95 minute runtime made it a hit with Flixwatcher and guests as well. Talk to Me scored highly across all Flixwatcher categories, apart from small screen, to score 4.13 overall. Very highly recommended.



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For more info on Talk to Me can visit Talk to Me MDB page here or Talk to Me Rotten Tomatoes page here.

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